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Egeria (350?-400?)

Also known as Eteria, Ætheria, Etheria, Arteria o Geria.

An image from a work by Egeria
First page of Egaria’s travels as found in the Codex Aretinus 405. Her work was written sometime in the late 4th century. Manuscript found in the municipal library of Arezzo, Italy.

Miscellaneous Works by Egeria


The first Hispanic woman to leave a written record of her life and point of view, Egeria left a detailed personal account of her pilgrimmage to various Christian holy sites during the late 4th century.

All of the biographical information we have about Egeria derives from her own written account. She was Galician and apparently wealthy to have been able to undertake such a distant journey. She spent three years in Jerusalem visiting numerous sites sacred to Christianity. She wrote her account to strengthen the group of sisters she knew in her homeland.


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