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María de Zayas

María de Zayas (1590?-1650?)

Also known as María de Zayas y Sotomayor.

An image from a work by María de Zayas
Image from the 1637 printing of Zayas's Novelas amorosas y exemplares

Novedades y novelas

tu pluma escribe, tú cantas,

triunfa, alegre, dichas tantas,

pues ya tan gloriosa vives,

que admiras con lo que escribes,

con lo que cantas, encantas.

—María [Ana?] Caro de Mallén

Miscellaneous Works by María de Zayas

Annotated Bibliography

Vollendorf, Lisa. "'No Doubt It Will Amaze You': María de Zayas’ Early Modern Feminism." Recovering Spain's Feminist Tradition, New York, Modern Language Association, p. 103-20.

In this chapter, Lisa Vollendorf addresses not only the knowledge and eloquence displayed in María de Zayas’s writing, but also proves once and for all that María de Zayas truly was a rare feminist in her day and age. Vollendorf references the whole corpus of Zayas’s works and responds to critics who object to the brutality and violence against women she depicts. Though often violent, Zayas’s works ask the burning question all women need to ask: where are their rights? Why are they punished for innocence? In the end, Vollendorf concludes that Zayas wrote politically powerful pieces that call for justice and inclusion for women, which are still relevant today, for all women. (Annotation by Tacha Hamilton)


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