More than Muses

Sonnet II – The author pleads with the Lord our God to accept her goodwill in praising Him with her poetic works

A translation into of Soneto II - La autora suplica a Dios nuestro Señor que acepte su buena voluntad en alabarlo con sus obras métricas, a soneto by Soror Violante do Céu. Translation by W. F. Carr.


I know, dear Lord, that it is audacity

to write of Thee with the unworthy pen,

but Thy greatness is of such benevolence

that it requires striving, not understanding.


This striving towards Thee is the harmony

that best guides anyone to Thine approval,

for there is no song so strange and beautiful

as thoughts employed in contemplating Thee.


Be Thou the only object of my music

and spare not from the rigors of just censure

my wit, my voice, and my temerity,


for if my innocent and humble striving

finds favor in the Greatest Sovereignty—

what greater glories, Lord, what sweeter bliss?