More than Muses

A Verse to the Immaculate Conception of Mary Our Most Holy Lady

A translation into English of Décima a la inmaculada concepción de María Santísima Señora Nuestra, a décima by María Egual. Translation by Izzy Hurdle.

Translator's note: I aimed to maintain the message, rhyme, and meter of the original poem. This resulted in a few words moving position within the rhyming lines and adding a few words to clarify how Mary is being compared to all of these objects.


Fair tower, from David she grows,

palm, cedar, cypress and plantain,

olive from Kedeshan terrain,

lily, a star, water well, and rose,

a blessed gate that to heaven goes,

to sun, moon, star, crystal akin,

and she frees from evil within,

as she is God’s Virgin Mother

and protected by the Father,

preserved from original sin.